About the Report

Philanthropist Paul G. Allen funded this report in response to concerns around declining ocean health. With the millions of metric tons of plastics being dumped into our ocean annually, this report identifies potential investments that can most efficiently and effectively help to disrupt the plastics supply chain and prevent plastics pollution in the first place.

Mr. Allen’s unique data and technology-driven approach to some of the world’s toughest challenges catalyzes innovation, improves policy, and accelerates change for the better. This report can have the same effect on the future of our oceans.

Full Supply Chain View

Plastics pollution can be curtailed by targeting the source of the issue. This report uniquely looks all the way upstream, and down to the point of plastic entering the ocean. It identifies solutions throughout the supply chain and provides a full portfolio of intervention options and investment and philanthropic opportunities.

Intensively Researched

A comprehensive set of priorities is needed to stem the flow of plastics into the ocean. Over the course of a year, Encourage Capital interviewed more than 150 individuals and organizations and referenced 110 published studies and other sources, all leading to seven high-impact investment opportunities.

Time for Action

Ocean plastics pollution needs to be stopped. The solution begins and ends with organizations and individuals willing to take risk to make a difference. This report identifies interventions at every stage of the value chain—now it’s time to take the necessary action.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

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